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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce

Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce

Legendary Misfits & DOYLE guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein unleashes yet another assault on your senses!

With robust flavor and a formidable heat level, this hot sauce is truly MADE IN HELL!

INGREDIENTS: Cayenne Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Basil, Oregano, Coarse-ground Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Salt & Other Spices.

$7.95 (5 oz. bottle)

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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce

Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce has been created exclusively for Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein by HalloweenHotSauce.com.
HalloweenHotSauce, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce.
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About the heat levelAbout Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce
by: Victor "The Undertaker" Ives from HalloweenHotSauce.com

What does Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein know about hot sauce?
Plenty! Doyle eats lots of protein-rich, low-fat foods to stay healthy. He adds flavor and kick to his food with hot sauce without adding preservatives, carbs, oils and fat. Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce has no preservatives, is fat-free and is made with all natural ingredients.

Why did Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein want to release his own hot sauce?
Doyle doesn't endorse a lot of things but when he does decide to get behind something, you can rest assured that it's a product he truly believes in ( like Coffin Case and October Guitars ). Doyle loves hot sauce and uses it on all his food everyday. It just makes sense that a hot sauce product is the perfect type of product for Doyle to endorse.

What type of hot sauce is Doyle's MADE IN HELL?
Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce is a Louisiana, cajun-style hot sauce made from cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic, basil, coarse-ground black pepper, red pepper, salt and other herbs and spices. Doyle's MADE IN HELL is NOT a tomato sauce or a Mexican-style salsa.

So...does Doyle make the sauce?
Nope. Doyle plays kick-ass, horror/punk guitar!


Then where did Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce come from?
In order to create Doyle's hot sauce product, his team searched for a hot sauce manufacturer. Their search landed on me, Victor "The Undertaker" Ives. I own a company called HalloweenHotSauce.com that creates zombie-themed hot sauce products sealed in handmade cedar coffins. Given Doyle's love of hot sauce and his infatuation with the horror genre and the Frankenstein legend, his team thought that a company that makes zombie hot sauce in coffins would be perfect! We had never met but at least in our taste, we were a match! Doyle told me that he would have an easy time expressing to me what he wanted because I already "get it".

Is Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce Doyle's recipe?
Yes and no. Right after I was contacted by Doyle and his team, I sent Doyle every product that I make to try. He tried them all, he told me what he liked about some of them and what he didn't like about others. I combined recipes, ingredients (Doyle insisted on basil...he loves the basil) and textures in order to create a hot sauce that is uniquley Doyle's.

How was a final recipe chosen?
I hand-delivered the sample bottles to Doyle when Gorgeous Frankenstein came to Atlanta on tour.

The band took the hot sauce sample bottles with them on tour, tasted and compared the different versions, shared them w/ fans (if you were lucky you might have gotten a taste in one of the touring cities) and at the tour's, end a final version was chosen.

Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce was alive...Alive...ALIVE!!!! (insert lightning flash and thunder crash here!)

Does Doyle really use his own sauce?
Doyle told me "I put this on everything!" and asked if we could make it by the gallon! (of course we can!)


Why is Doyle's Hot Sauce named MADE IN HELL?
Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce is named after the kick-ass Gorgeous Frankenstein song of the same name.

Who makes Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce?
Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce is mixed, cooked, bottled and labeled by Halloween Hot Sauce.

Great story...but is Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce any good?
In Doyle's own words "This stuff is fuckin' awesome!"

What does Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce taste like?
Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce tastes similar to a Buffalo-wing type sauce but it has no butter like wing sauce does. It's a Louisiana, cajun-style hot sauce with lots of granulated garlic, basil leaves, coarse-ground black pepper and red pepper "slow-simmered" in. The sauce is thick too...not watery. (Doyle insisted that I remove the little plastic shaker caps from the bottles because the sauce was so thick that you couldn't get it out!) It's robust and EXTREMELY flavorful!


How hot is Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce?
You would think that a hot sauce named MADE IN HELL would be extremely hot but remember, Doyle wanted to create a hot sauce that he could use on everything...everyday! Anybody can make a hot sauce that will melt your face off but to make a highly addictive, ultra-flavorful sauce with just the right heat level is a bit more difficult. We did it!

Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce is hotter than Tabasco and is probably the most flavorful hot sauce you'll ever taste! (On the chart, Tabasco would be "Bustin' Loose!". Like Doyle onstage, his sauce "Romps and Stomps" all over Tabasco!)

You will truly want to use it on everything...everyday! It's more than hot enough to make you sweat and take notice but not so hot as to totally destroy the flavor of the food you put it on. As we like to say "robust flavor and a formidable heat level".

Don't believe me? Then check out what our customers are saying.

What's Doyle's favorite thing to put Doyle's MADE IN HELL on?

What's "The Undertaker's" favorite thing to put Doyle's MADE IN HELL on?
I put it on eggs, popcorn, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, pasta, chicken, seafood, in Bloody Marys, etc. It's not so great in coffee (yes, i tried that) and it's even good in beer although the herbs floating around in there looks a little weird. Anything that you could concievably put salt on is great w/ Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce!

Ok...what are you waiting for?! Get some Doyle's MADE IN HELL!





Here's what just a few customers are saying about Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce

w/ Protone Pedals

So this is TOTALLY off the topic of guitars and effects pedals... well sort of. The legendary guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has a signature hot sauce produced by the super spooky guys over at Halloween Hot Sauce, and I gotta tell ya... its amazing!

In this day and age where everyone forgets that FLAVOR is important in hot sauce Doyles Made In Hell reminds us that flavor is more important than heat. Sure, Doyles has some kick to it, but the flavor is what makes you come back for more and more.

I had an opportunity to talk to Doyle about music, gear, and hot sauce this afternoon and I told him I liked that it had, for lack of a better term, an Italian zing to it, Doyle responded with "That's because I made them add Basil"!

Obviously I'm no food critic, but I love me some hot sauce, and Doyles Made In Hell is to die for.



Daniel G.
WOW!!! Awesome hot sauce! I got mine today and just now tried it. Great flavor and pretty good heat! Thank you very much. I'm gonna definitely buy more.

FANGS again,

Your Fiend D


Just ordered some Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce-!! Can't wait to try THAT-!!
I love the flavor or your Hot Sauces, anyone can make a sauce that's just hot and that's no fun. But your's taste AWESOME they have such great flavor to them.
I'm so glad that you're back keep doing the good work that you do making these awesome sauces-!!


Anthony D
Hey there Undertaker!

I received my "Doyle's Made In Hell" sauce last week and it's bad-ass! The taste is phenomenal! I like it on everything! Not only is the label and signature awesome but the taste couldn't be better! What a great deal! Thanks again!

-Anthony D.-




Hey Vic!

I just got my 2 bottles of Made In Hell and it's great! Not so hot that my tongue falls off but still a nice peppery kick with LOTS of flavor. Should taste pretty damn good in my next batch of chili!


doyle's hot sauce is really good and i put it on everything

i don't let the rest of my family use it cause i want to make it last as long as i can

it is one of the best hot sauces i have ever had


Hey undertaker,

I got my bottle in the mail yesterday. The artwork on the bottle amazing and is put together really well. The autograph from Doyle really complements just how awesome your product is. Thanks again.





I received my hot sauce just in time for my husband's birthday! He was so happy to get that as he as been a Misfits fan since, well I call it since the dawn of evil. I will be ordering more for him to actually USE since this is an autographed bottle.

Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work!!!


Kym, Feind for life


Jay and the Hot Sauce Boys of the CVN 21 next generation Aircraft Carrier
I was impressed with the label when I ordered. Now I have received the sauce I am impressed with the taste. Usually a sauce with the main ingredient is cayenne pepper does not have much taste, just heat, but Doyle's 'Made in Hell' has more taste than any Blair's sauce.

I will be placing another order soon, I managed to save one of the autographed bottles.




Received mine last week.....and your going to want to chop off my head..but I am keeping in bottle and its displaying in my kitchen. I dig it and doyle autogragh with number listing is cool.

Michael Bones


I received my 2 bottles on Tuesday. 1 bottle I'm keeping to collect and the other I'm eating. So far I've used your sauce to add flavor to my eggs, tortilla chips, hamburger and plan to use a bunch in my next batch of chili.

I like that it is hot but not too hot that it makes me want to cry (why eat something that hurts????) LOL!

What sets your sauce apart from the others is it has FLAVOR. If you've had one hot sauce, you basically had them all, hot and spicy but yours is different. I really enjoy it and wish you and Doyle the best of luck with Made In Hell.





Matt McCraw
I love the sauce! I got to meet Doyle in Cleveland last year, and that's when I heard about the sauce. I took it to work and everyone their who tried it enjoyed it as well. It's got a little heat, but it's not overpowering. It's got a well-balanced flavor that is definitely it's own.


David S.
VERY FUCKING AWESOME HOT SAUCE! I'm not one who's gonna just have the bottle to stare at! I got it today, opened it, and threw it on some pizza and damn that fuckin hot sauce is good dude! Thank you very much sir.


Just got my order Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce today-!!

That MADE IN HELL is REAL GOOD-!! I can't wait to try it on some food. I just put some on my finger to try it. It was soooo good I almost bit my own finger off. It may just have replaced Fleshfeast III as my new favorite-!!

I'm a fan for life








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